Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Washer Fills water When Not In Use?



This explains how to diagnose a problem where the wash tub fills when the washer is not in use.

The problem is commonly caused by either a pressure switch malfunction, or a bad water inlet valve (also known as a mixing valve). The way you can tell is to leave the water turned on and unplug the washer. If the water continues to flow, the problem is the water inlet valve. If the water stops, the pressure switch is the problem.

The most common source of this problem is a water inlet valve that is leaking by. The following link explains step-by-step how to replace a defective valve:

If the Pressure switch is determined to be the problem, you need to either remove the back panel of the operator console, or lift the entire console if it does not have a removable back, to access the switch. Depending on how the console is designed, will depend on which of the following methods is required to lift the console:

a. If the console has removable end caps, the caps lift off by prying on the top from the back of the washer. The cap will pull off towards you as you are facing the unit from the front of the washer. There will be a screw under each end cap that you will need to remove.

b. If the console does not have removable end caps, you will need to slide a putty knife under the front corner of each side and push straight back while lifting up. There is a retaining clip under each side that has to be released.

c. Some consoles have a series of screws located in the back. Simply loosen the screws to release the console.
Once the console has been released it will lift up and fold back over the back of the washer to its resting position. Use care not to stress the small plastic hinges that hold it in place. They can break easily.

The pressure switch is located directly behind the load level selector knob. The switch can easily be replaced by following these steps:

1. Make sure the washer is unplugged. Dangerous voltage is still present even with the washer turned off.

2. Remove the selector knob that is attached to the pressure switch on the front panel.

3. Remove the electrical connector(s) from the pressure switch and the air hose.

4. Loosen any mounting screws holding the switch in place and remove.

5. Install replacement switch in the reverse order of the steps provided.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you reconnect the air hose. The air hose is used by the pressure switch to detect the pressure differential in the wash tub as the washer fills. Wihtout it and the washer will not shut off as it fills and it will overflow.



Replacement parts can be purchased at any of the following web sites:



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